How To Get Your Employees To Cheerfully Put In MORE Hours

Who doesn’t want employees that are more productive in the workplace? Yet personal issues, illness and family obligations often prevent employees from coming in. That’s why so many employers are now enabling remote access to their network.

Whether you call it “working from home,” or your “virtual office,” the idea is the same; your network is configured to give you and your staff the ability to work from some location other than the office. While most business owners and managers pulling 60 hour work-weeks love the idea of putting in some of those hours from the comfort of their home, they often fear that employees given the same luxury won’t be as productive.

However, studies have shown that employees working from home are actually far more productive than those who are limited to working at the office. The biggest fear is that employees will goof off and not take their job seriously; however, that fear is on the decline as more and more businesses are pursuing this (23 million and growing to be exact!)

While telecommuting will not work in every situation, there is no doubt that technology has made working from home extremely practical whether a few times a month or every week. As a matter of fact, offering work-from-home options can give you a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best employees. Here are some additional benefits to allowing your people remote access:

  • Employees who are sick can continue to work without infecting the office or losing an entire day of work.

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